We’ve teamed up with Hard Grind Dundee’s Head Barber – and Scotland’s Best Barber 2017 Champion – Vincent Quinn to help you take better care of your hair…

It’s pointless spending a fortune each year on top-notch hairstyling products if you don’t take proper care of the locks that you’re smearing them in to. Before reaching for any styling product, it’s important that you understand how to wash your hair properly – you’d be a fool to think that it’s as simple as ruffling your hair while standing under the shower head for a few minutes.

“Every man is different when it comes to washing their hair,” says Vincent, “but ultimately it comes down to how quickly their scalp produces sebum.”

Sebum oil, Vincent explained, is an essential oil that coats the hair and scalp to keep it healthy. The problem occurs when too much is produced and the hair gets greasy and needs cleaning. “Annoyingly, there isn’t a set time frame for this process to happen and it often comes down to a few key variables,” he says.

The type of hair you have: “Depending on your hair type, you might have to wash it daily, every other day, twice a week or even longer: mine only needs washing every two weeks!”

What products you use and how often you use them: “In this day and age hair products are used by most men. This makes a lot of guys wash their hair every day to remove yesterday’s efforts so that they can restyle with ease.”

Your general lifestyle: “Regular exercise causes us to sweat more, creating extra sebum and dirt. The foods you eat will affect the strength and health of your hair, so avoid junk and start eating greens. If you’re the type of guy that likes to regularly run his fingers though his hair even that will make a difference.”

Vincent Quinn from Hard Grind Dundee cutting on stage at Scotland’s Best Barber 2017.

The importance of using a quality shampoo and conditioner

Rather unsurprisingly, shampoos and conditioners play a very crucial role in when hair needs to be washed. And, according to Scotland’s Best Barber, a cheap product can cause the hair to become oily much faster: “High street brands often use a tonne of very cheap ingredients that are bad for the hair. One of the main ones to look out for in cheap conditioners, hairsprays and waxes is non-water soluble silicon. This nasty ingredient coats the hair to give the illusion of natural shine and strength. But prolonged use can actually make it collect on the scalp which makes the hair greasy as it doesn’t break down easily.”

The difference between shampoo and conditioner

The internet will tell you all sorts of things when it comes to using these two essentials; from boycotting shampoo altogether, to using it after a conditioner, but Vincent suggests you stick to tradition.

“A shampoo is a cleaning agent that opens up the hair cuticle before breaking down build-ups of oils and dirt. A conditioner closes the cuticle to make the hair shiny and replenishes natural oils. The two work in tandem, so using one without the other can leave your hair still feeling dirty, dry, and oily. It can even cause irritation to the scalp.”

Washing hair with The Bluebeards Revenge Conditioner

How to get the best results from your shampoo and conditioner

“Hair should be shampooed twice,” says Hard Grind Dundee’s Head Barber. “The first shampoo breaks down the barriers that oils and dirt produce, while the second allows its specific properties to actively clean the hair and scalp.

“When applying shampoo, it’s important that you massage it into the scalp and hair. After the second shampoo has been rinsed out, apply a conditioner. Make sure it’s applied to the hair and NOT the scalp. This is because the oils in conditioner are designed specifically for the hair and tend to become greasy when left on the scalp. Always make sure the hair is thoroughly rinsed after this process too.”

A final piece of advice from Vincent Quinn…

“If you’re in any doubt about what products you should use then ask a hairdresser or a barber and go off their professional opinion. Also, remember that cheap products aren’t good, and good products aren’t cheap.”

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